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Make TFU Driver Training your number one choice for excellent driving lessons in Wigston and Hinckley. Whether you’re a beginner or a new driver looking to enhance your skills, we’re here to help you become safe, responsible and confident behind the wheel. Glance through my testimonials below to find out what our customers have to say or contact my for more information. Don’t forget to have a look at some of the helpful links too!


Good tuition, enjoyable lessons. I was driving confidently in a short period of time. I got through my driving test successfully at the first attempt. Thanks a lot.

– JamesE-397

John is calm, patient, knowledgeable, friendly and gives clear and easy to understand instruction. I can’t thank John enough, he is an amazing instructor and I would recommend him to anyone.

– AlmisaD

Mr John is a very nice instructor, very patient and he teach me very well. He is very punctual and observes everything you do so can be sure to feel safe. He has a great car to learn l. I enjoyed my time with him very much and i would recommend to all people of all walks of life.

– AlexC-531

I could not recommend TFU enough!! I have been driving in the US for 16 years and needed to pass my practical in the UK. In a few lessons I was up to speed. Very knowledgeable and patient. Whether you are an experienced driver or a bit nervous about driving this is the place to go!!

– MorganS-42

Got on really well and did everything at the perfect pace for me. Whenever driving got stressful or scary he was great. Always on time. Overall great service!

– ImogenA-11

I failed my test numerous times using a previous instructor and decided to change instructors for my upcoming test. I thought a different approach would be refreshing considering I was struggling in my attempts to pass. Luckily, John took me on a month prior to my test. John contacted me promptly and was friendly and professional, he got me booked in for a swift start. In these less than ideal circumstances John guided me through my test with four minors(quite remarkable considering I got three majors in my last test!) John is encouraging and patient with a good sense of humour and easy to get along with, I would highly recommend him to any learner.

– WRL, October 2017

John is patient, encouraging and considerate. I couldn’t recommend anyone better!

– TC, November 2017

Thanks very much for helping to get my driving licence. I can’t wait to see you again on my Motorway lessons!

– DL, January 2017

So excited to pass my driving test, thanks for all of your help!

– LG, March 2018

Another success story!

SM, March 2018

Hi John, such a happy day for us yesterday – thank you so much for teaching Sam. He really enjoyed having you as his driving instructor. I’m so grateful Steve recommended you for us. I think Sam learned a lot more from you that just driving. Best wishes. Anna.

SW, April 2018

Passed my driving test in the first attempt. My instructor John was very kind, persistent, identified my improvement areas and kept pushing me to do my best. Amazing support. I would recommend John to all seeking help to pass the driving test (It was all down to John being strict about not coasting on corners! Thank you!

– SN, April 2018

John is an incredible driving instructor with lots of experience and patience, So glad I had him as my instructor as I passed first time with him!! Can’t recommend him enough.

– JW, May 2018

John is an incredible driving instructor, he is very patient and encourages you to maintain your confidence no matter how bad you are at driving. I passed first time and I wouldn’t have done so without John being the patient and kind man that he is. He’s also a great laugh and makes you enjoy driving so I would definitely recommend him if you wish to pass first time.

SF, May 2018

He’s a good instructor who explains things clearly and makes sure you understand before you do the task. He stays calm and collective at all times filling you with confidence.

– MC, June 2018

Fantastic instructor – flexible, really punctual, and really helpful. You couldn’t ask for anyone better – 5 star top bloke. I would encourage anybody to go with him.

– AJ, June 2018

I came with zero confidence in my driving and left having passed 1st time and fully confident! He is a very patient instructor who will explain everything calm and clearly, giving you full confidence in whatever you are doing. I would fully recommend if you want top quality teaching and also have a laugh!

– KW, June 2018

John is a great instructor with brilliant sense of humour.

– TM, July 2018

Having now passed with John, I feel more than confident driving on the road no matter when or where. He is a very patient instructor who always puts you at ease every time you get in the car. John is also a great laugh to drive with, ensuring a valuable and enjoyable learning experience all the way. I’ve always looked forward to driving with John and now look forward to be able to drive on my own thanks to his wonderful teaching.

– AO, September 2018

Thanks for all your support John! I am so happy to pass my test with you.

– TH, Oct 2018

Thank you so much! I’m so happy to pass my test!

– NB, November 2018

Thank you so much. I passed at last!

– OE, Nov 2018

Having recently passed thanks to John, I would highly recommend his tuition. There is always a stress-free atmosphere with a guaranteed laugh. I now feel fully confident to become an independent driver, thank you!

– ES, December 2018

Would highly recommend, very friendly with a professional attitude, great standard of teaching can’t thank them enough.

– JB Jan 2019

John was a great instructor who always made me feel more relaxed about driving and helped me gain the confidence needed to pass my test. He always explained things clearly and turned up on time, as well as making sure every lesson was value for money. His calm, patient instructions were very helpful and I feel a lot more prepared to drive independently and safely thanks to him.

– EM, Feb 2019

John is an amazing instructor with a high level of knowledge and experience. He’s extremely relaxed and is always there to offer support and guidance when needed. Amazing experience, highly recommended, guaranteed to get you test ready.

– WB, Feb 2019

I can’t thank John enough for all his help towards passing my test! He had so much patience and made me feel relaxed and much more confident. I started as a nervous driver but with Johns calm head and understanding he made me feel much more at ease. Would massively recommend to others!

– LW, Mar 2019

Booking my motorway lessons now!

– JB, Mar 2019

Pleasurable experience learning with John. Great guy and extremely helpful! Calming influence and interesting. Just passed my test with him and couldn’t be more chuffed!

– TG, Mar 2019

Thoroughly enjoyed my time learning to drive with John as I felt I was improving every lesson with his guidance. The atmosphere created when I was driving was great as I never felt under pressure. I would definitely recommend him if you are wanting to learn to drive.

– WF, May 2019

Would recommend to anyone who’s just starting lessons, easy guy to get along with& will pass you in no time.

– TD, May 2019

TFU driver is excellent – Thank you so much!

– SH, June 2019

John is a great instructor and I’d happily do it all again!

– ME, June 2019

Brilliant Instructor, would definitely recommend ! John managed to teach me the basics again after picking up bad habits with the company I used previously whilst also improving my general drive 🙂 He was also very interesting to chat to and I enjoyed my lessons.

– EW, July 2019

TFU Is a great driving school that has helped me massively to be able to pass my test, very patient and teaches you in a simple yet efficient way. id recommend TFU Driver Training to anyone who wants to pass their test.

– JW, July 2019

I would recommend TFU to anyone. I think a 5 star rating is not high enough for the brilliant lessons I had with John. He gives top quality driving lessons, he boosted my confidence and made me believe that I could pass my test. We had good chats and good laughs whilst out on the road.

Thanks a lot for all the help with passing my test John, I really appreciate it mate. All the best for the future 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

– SB, Sept 2019

Just passed yesterday. John is an amazing man, calm, patient and understanding. I went though 3 driving instructors in my training due to how long it took me to pass. If you are struggling with a bad instructor, I would recommend a change to him.

– AP, Nov 2019

Gave me lots of confidence while learning and always arrived on time. Would highly recommend!

– CB, Nov 2019

Loved every second. Great instructor! Great knowledge of everything. Gives you the confidence that you need.

– MP, Nov 2019

Excellent instructor. Really enjoyed our lessons.

– JH, Dec 2019

Extremely helpful with methods to help you learn and very good constructive feedback. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a great instructor!

– AJH, Jan 2020

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